The flyboard is one of the newest water sports, as well as the best ones, so it’s because in cities such as Miami Beach and Key Biscayne it seems inevitable not to practice this fun sport. So when we are going to Miami Beach and Key Biscayne, finding the best prices for flyboard rentals it is something necessary. Flyboard Rentals Miami Beach Key Biscayne


Flyboard Rentals Miami Beach Key Biscayne
Flyboard Rentals Miami Beach Key Biscayne

The Flyboard is a new nautical sport. A board under your feet with two powerful jets down allows you to fly over the water, dive into it, jump like a dolphin and do all kinds of pirouettes. It’s an incredible feeling; you have to try it to understand it.

Also, the Flyboard is easier to practice than it seems. Everyone gets to fly the first time. It does not require physical strength, but balance and, above all, be comfortable playing in the water. Flyboard Rentals Miami Beach Key Biscayne

Besides the Flyboard is a VERY safe sport if it is practiced with good instructors like ours. To date, no serious accident has been reported worldwide. The few minor accidents have been caused by bad practices of the monitors.

This sport is very safe for the marine environment and for third parties in the water. The speed is minimal, so the risk of collision or damage to the fauna and flora is negligible.


In order for the Flyboard to work, it is necessary that a person is giving power to the watercraft and thus raise the board. Another option is to use the Remote Control Kit. This kit allows the pilot to have full control of the power of the watercraft. This way you can practice this exciting sport and fly without depending on anyone.

The mode of use is so simple that most users are able to fly within minutes of the start of the activity. The controls are on the feet, if you raise the tips, you move back and if you put the tips of the then down you will move towards the front.

Anyone can become Ironman and fly like Tony Stark. Let the adrenaline take over your whole body as soon as the board starts to rise.

The pages that we are going to give you can offer you all the information about its operation, prices, etc.


Miami Beach is one of the most visited areas in all of Florida, all because of the attractiveness of its waters, the pleasant heat, and the fun people that you can see daily there, and not only this, the mixture of cultures that are in Miami Beach. Flyboard Rentals Miami Beach Key Biscayne

In Miami Beach, Key Biscayne you can do many things, from walking on the beach to touring the resorts there, but one of the most memorable and fun things you can do is to do water sports. Flyboard Rentals Miami Beach Key Biscayne

But also Key Biscayne offers sail across the bay from Brickell and Coconut Grove and anchor at Key Biscayne.

A white sand lodge for bathers who embrace the exotic island style. The serene rhythm of Key Biscayne separates it from the city of Miami, but in reality, there is little distance between this dream destination and the Downtown. At Key Biscayne, the city’s CEOs drink Mai Tais at oceanfront mansions and play nine-legged one-on-one golf courses that seem to grow from the sea. Flyboard Rentals Miami Beach Key Biscayne

Also, Key Biscayne offers the beaches that you will find plenty of amenities such as restaurants, bars, beach bars, sun loungers, shower… Key Biscayne It is a spacious beach, ideal for travelers looking for quiet and less crowded beaches than those closest to Miami.

Water sports

Flyboard Rentals Miami Beach Key Biscayne
Flyboard Rentals Miami Beach Key Biscayne

The water sports are as its name says, sports that are practiced in the water, which is accompanied by much adrenaline, and so much fun. Some of the water sports that it is possible to practice in Miami Beach or Key Biscayne are Kayak, Flyboard, or others. Flyboard Rentals Miami Beach Key Biscayne

If you are not willing to miss out on anything incredible, Fly Board should be on your list of things to do in Miami Beach, Key Biscayne. Racing across the beach of Miami in one Fly Board is a feeling the wind striking you is going to be the highlight of your day in Miami Beach. Flyboard Rentals Miami Beach Key Biscayne

rental and pages

However also exists pages where you can see the best rentals, as well as the model, if what you want is having fun doing flyboard  with your family, with your couple, or even if you want to go alone, and live the experience of your life, because is one of the greatest experience,  in Miami Beach Key Biscayne.


    The benefits of the usual practice of jet ski, fly board of any water sport in Miami Beach with the amazing Company of Marine Surgeon Rentals is something that we are quite clear today. Another different issue is that we overcome the laziness that sometimes invades. So the benefits of practice sports can be Physical. When practicing a water sport in a habitual way, the heart, respiratory system, bone and blood are trained and the maintenance of a good state of mind is favored, stronger to face the problems and setbacks of the day to day. As a tool in the field of prevention, moderate daily physical exercise helps to avoid overweight and obesity, especially in the case of children and adolescents Intellectual.

    More and more studies have shown that there is a correlation between physical exercise and intellectual performance (improvement of attention, memory) Psychosocial. Team sports foster socialization and help the child to share in triumphs and defeats, to set common goals and to strive to achieve them. It also teaches how to win and how to lose. In addition, with the usual practice of physical exercise children are taught a healthy way to have fun and have fun, expanding their range of leisure activities.

    In summary, these are ten reasons to practice a water sport:

    1. It helps to control the weight.
    2. Improves bone health, strength and muscular endurance.
    3. Strengthens the cardiovascular and metabolic system. Promotes the increase of HDL cholesterol, or good cholesterol.
    4. It reduces the risk of diabetes and other diseases in adulthood, such as osteoporosis, obesity, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.
    5. Improve attention span.
    6. Increases academic achievement.
    7. Increases personal well-being, self-confidence and self-esteem.
    8. Promotes socialization and mastery of social skills.
    9. Reduces the risk of anxiety, stress or depression.


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