Boating in Miami Beach Key Biscayne

Miami and Key Biscayne are beautiful beaches, where you can find anything that you want, water sports like flyboard, boating, kayak, jet ski, also you can go to the beaches and have the best time of your life, with family and Friends. Boating in Miami Beach Key Biscayne

Miami Beach

The island of Miami Beach is linked to the Miami mainland via five elevated highways. One of the major highways is MacArthur Causeway, which connects downtown Miami with the South Beach area. Across the Mc, Arthur Road is several bridges leading to the Palm, Hibiscus and Star Islands, all of which are filled with mansions and sailboats by some famous and wealthy people.

The two large islands south of Miami Beach, Dodge and Lummus make up the port of Miami, the largest cruise port in the world.

Miami Beach North

Boating in Miami Beach Key Biscayne
Boating in Miami Beach Key Biscayne

Across the Julia Tuttle Causeway is from Miami to North Miami Beach; But Miami Beach is a large number of residential developments and shopping centers, such as the Bal Harbor.

Although this area is less known by tourists, Miami Beach also has beautiful beaches like Haulover Beach Park. The northern beaches have more waves than the south and are often frequented by surfers.

The Surfside and Sunny Islands areas are some of the nicest places north of Miami Beach. Both are places that remain anchored in a bygone era, so they are often preferred by some older tourists who have been returning to Miami for years.

South beach

South Beach is the neighborhood with which Miami Beach and Miami are generally identified. Located south of Miami Beach, between 5th and 41st Streets, the South Beach Quarter has hundreds of Art Deco buildings, leisure areas and beautiful people (Ocean Drive) and some of Miami’s best-known beaches.

South Beach is the most interesting and attractive part of Miami. Also, here are the most important places you cannot miss:

Lincoln Road

Located in the South Beach area between 16th and 17th Streets, Lincoln Road is a pleasant walk that accommodates more than 300 restaurants, cafes, and trendy shops.

Years ago, Miami Beach lacked commercial areas, so that its inhabitants were forced to travel to Miami to buy in their department stores. It was then that an entrepreneur named Carl Fisher decided to create the “Fifth Avenue South” on what was a dirt road in a swampy area. The land was below sea level, but this was not a problem for Fisher since he had it filled with sand from Vizcaya Bay. Once paved, began to settle their many of the big firms acquiring the area great prestige.

Lincoln Road is one of Miami’s few pedestrian streets, so it’s a privilege to walk quietly among its palm trees, do some shopping or sit on some of its pleasant terraces.

Spanish Way

Española Way is a small street perpendicular to Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue, which designed to attract tourists and residents with its art galleries, original shops and dozens of Spanish, Italian, French or Mexican restaurants.

The Mediterranean buildings, dating back to 1920, from an exceptional setting to escape from the busy streets of Miami and immerse yourself in a bohemian atmosphere in which to enjoy a good meal. Therefore, Española Way is bordered by Washington and Jefferson Streets and 14th and 15th Streets.

Other streets and areas

These are other major areas of South Beach.

Ocean Drive.

Art Deco District of Miami.

There is one in particular that is very famous in Miami Beach because of its beauty, and the accessibility of being able to do a lot of different activities, or water sports. This would be the Key Biscayne Key.

Key Biscayne

Boating in Miami Beach Key Biscayne
Boating in Miami Beach Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is an island located to the southeast of the city of Miami, located between the bay Biscayne and the Atlantic Ocean, to the south of Miami Beach; therefore, is a place ideal for water sports. Key Biscayne it’s a beautiful place to know.

Also Key Biscayne It is formed mainly by water united to continental land only by the road of Rickenbacker constructed in 1947.

The north section of Miami Beach Key Biscayne is occupied by Crandon Park, and the central section of Miami Beach Key Biscayne is the villa of Key Biscayne and the south tip of Miami Beach Key Biscayne the Cape Florida State Park of Bill Baggs, and Miami Beach Key Biscayne National Park, one of two Miami-Dade County National Parks. Miami Beach Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne was very affected in 1992 by Hurricane Andrew. Also, Miami Beach Key Biscayne is an exclusive island paradise, Miami Beach Key Biscayne is adored by bathers, sandcastle builders and Miami Beach Key Biscayne also is adored by golfers. Boating in Miami Beach Key Biscayne

Sail across the bay from Brickell and Coconut Grove and anchor at in Miami Beach Key Biscayne, once a white sand lodge for bathers who embrace the luxurious in Miami Beach Key Biscayne. Hence, the serene rhythm of in Miami Beach Key Biscayne separates it from the noise of the continental destinations of the city of Miami, but in reality, there is little distance between this dream destination and the Downtown.

At in Key Biscayne, the city’s CEOs drink Mai Tais at oceanfront mansions and also Key Biscayne allows you play nine-legged one-on-one golf courses that seem to grow from the sea.

Miami Beach Key Biscayne Attractions

Miami Seaquarium (Miami Beach Key Biscayne)

Located just over the causeway, it is one of the Key Biscayne top tourist attractions. You can see dolphins, manatees, sea lions, killer whales and eight different marine animal shows.

Lighthouse (Miami Beach Key Biscayne)

You can climb the 109 steps for a stunning view of the Key Biscayne; the park, Miami, the ocean and the Bay. Tours of the Lighthouse are available at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., Thursday through Monday. All may enter the Lighthouse but one must be at least 42 inches tall – or 1.05 meters – to ascend the stairs of the lighthouse in Key Biscayne.

Biscayne Nature Center (Miami Beach Key Biscayne)

Overlooking the dunes and ocean, the Key Biscayne Nature Center is a beautiful facility on the north end of Crandon Park on Key Biscayne. Furthermore, in this pristine setting, our multifunctional Center serves our visitors with a reception area, exhibit space, gift shop, an audio-visual presentation room, and demonstration lab classroom facilities.

Bear Cut Nature Preserve (Miami Beach Key Biscayne)

On the shores of Biscayne Bay at Crandon Park on Key Biscayne, Bear Cut Nature Preserve is a precious sliver of natural Bayfront in Miami. Hence, the preserve provides hiking along the waterfront and in the shade of tropical trees on a trail system of footpaths that intertwine with paved trails, ending up at an overlook of a fossil reef with a backdrop of downtown Miami. Boating in Miami Beach Key Biscayne

Guided Bike Tours (Miami Beach Key Biscayne)

Discover the rich history of Key Biscayne, while enjoying amazing views of its beaches. Ride along the Rickenbacker Causeway, visiting the national center in Crandon Park, taking in Key Biscayne the historical path to come finally to the Cape Florida Lighthouse. Boating in Miami Beach Key Biscayne

Running and Jogging (Miami Beach Key Biscayne)

If you like running, Crandon Park is the place to go. Actually, many triathlons and road races are held right there.

Fishing (Miami Beach Key Biscayne)

Florida Native Charters provides half, three-quarter and full day flats fishing and weekday and weekend night Tarpon fishing trips. Each trip is tailored to the client’s specific needs so departure times will vary according to your schedule and request. Capt. Tom Weber will take you to the beautiful Key Biscayne.

Diving (Miami Beach Key Biscayne)

Diver’s Paradise has been serving the Key Biscayne aquatic community for over the 30 years as a unique, full-service SCUBA and snorkeling center. Also, from equipment repair to air fills, Diver’s Paradise team will guide you through a one-of-a-kind SCUBA experience in Key Biscayne reefs. Boating in Miami Beach Key Biscayne

Public Art (Miami Beach Key Biscayne)

The Art in Public Places Ordinance was passed in 2001 with the objective to enhance the Miami Beach Key Biscayne; municipal spaces and buildings with significant artworks of quality and universal value. Therefore, in Key Biscayne, several interesting artworks are accessible for free on the Key Biscayne.

The Library (Key Biscayne)

This 6,000 square-foot library located in Key Biscayne; is surrounded by more than one acre of lovely sub tropical gardens containing hundreds of native and exotic plants. The lushly landscaped pond attracts many native bird; species and is also home to turtles, iguanas of all sizes, and 5 resident ducks. Boating in Miami Beach Key Biscayne

So there is a very special activity to do in Key Biscayne, as is boating

¿What is Boating?

Boating is the leisurely activity of traveling by boat; or the recreational use of a boat whether powerboats, sailboats, or man-powered vessels (such as rowing and paddle boats); focused on the travel itself, as well as sports activities, such as fishing or waterskiing, boating, it is a popular activity, and there are millions of boaters worldwide.

Boating activities in Key Biscayne

The boating activities are as many as the boats and boaters who participate, and new ways of enjoying the water are constantly being discovered. Boating categories include the following:

  • Paddle sports include ears (lakes), Swiftwater (rivers), and oceangoing types, usually covered-cockpit kayaks.
  • Canoes are popular on lakes and rivers due to their carrying capacity and efficiency on the water. They are also easy to portage; or carry overland around obstructions like rapids, or just down to the water from a car or cabin.
  • Kayaks can be found on calm inland waters, whitewater rivers, and along the coasts of the oceans. While, known for their maneuverability and seaworthiness, kayaks take many shapes depending on their desired use. Rowing craft is also popular for fishing, as a tender to a larger vessel, or as a competitive sport.
  • Rowing shells are extremely long and narrow; and are intended to convert as much of the rower’s muscle power as possible into speed. The ratio of the length of waterline to beam has much importance in marine mechanics and design.
  • Rowboats or dinghies are powered and generally restricted to protected waters. Also, rowboats are generally heavy craft compared to other
  • Sailing can be either competitive; as in collegiate dinghy racing, or purely recreational as when sailing on a lake with family or friends. Boating in Miami Beach Key Biscayne


The benefits of the usual practice of jet ski, fly board of any water sport in Miami Beach with the amazing Company of Marine Surgeon Rentals is something that we are quite clear today. Another different issue is that we overcome the laziness that sometimes invades. So the benefits of practice sports can be Physical. When practicing a water sport in a habitual way, the heart, respiratory system, bone and blood are trained and the maintenance of a good state of mind is favored, stronger to face the problems and setbacks of the day to day. As a tool in the field of prevention, moderate daily physical exercise helps to avoid overweight and obesity, especially in the case of children and adolescents Intellectual.

More and more studies have shown that there is a correlation between physical exercise and intellectual performance (improvement of attention, memory) Psychosocial. Team sports foster socialization and help the child to share in triumphs and defeats, to set common goals and to strive to achieve them. It also teaches how to win and how to lose. In addition, with the usual practice of physical exercise children are taught a healthy way to have fun and have fun, expanding their range of leisure activities.

In summary, these are ten reasons to practice a water sport:

1. It helps to control the weight.
2. Improves bone health, strength and muscular endurance.
3. Strengthens the cardiovascular and metabolic system. Promotes the increase of HDL cholesterol, or good cholesterol.
4. It reduces the risk of diabetes and other diseases in adulthood, such as osteoporosis, obesity, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.
5. Improve attention span.
6. Increases academic achievement.
7. Increases personal well-being, self-confidence and self-esteem.
8. Promotes socialization and mastery of social skills.
9. Reduces the risk of anxiety, stress or depression.


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